Committed to Sustainable Development

ECEPL is an SPV promoted by Asian Genco Pte Ltd (AGPL) and Athena Energy Ventures Pvt.Ltd (AEVPL) along with their associates.

Asian Genco Pte Ltd

ASIAN GENCO PTE LTD (AGPL) a Singapore based company with investments in a portfolio of Power and associated Infrastructure Projects in the emerging markets. It has a portfolio of ~ 4000 MW power generation assets, in India.

Athena Energy Ventures Pvt Ltd

ATHENA ENERGY VENTURES PVT LTD (AEVPL) a joint venture formed by Athena Infraprojects Pvt Ltd, PTC India Limited and Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC). It is involved in project development support and equity investments in a portfolio of power generation projects.

Abir Infrastructure Pvt Ltd

Abir Infrastructure Pvt Ltd (Abir) is a specialized Engineering and Construction Company engaged in the construction / execution of Hydro, Thermal Power projects & Transmission associated works. It is also specialized in handling Procurement, Supply and Management of Mining Equipment.

PTC India Financial Services Ltd

PTC India Financial Services Ltd (PFS) is a company that specializes in providing financial services to the entities in energy value chain, which inter-alia includes investing in equity and/or extending debt to power projects; fuel sources, fuel related infrastructure, EPC contractors etc. It is promoted by PTC India Ltd (PTC).

Cobalt Power Pvt Ltd

Cobalt Power Pvt Ltd. is a power SPV and has investments in Power and associated Infrastructure Projects.